Want to fight poverty, earn cash, and host the ultimate girls' night in? Host a party with Zabba Designs African Clothing and accessories. We'll bring you everything
you need to host a successful event, including clothing and jewelry for you and your guests to try on, catalogs, information about our work in Liberia, and more!

Best of all? You earn 20% commission on all sales during and after your party, and hosting a party is free!
Along with the 20% I will give my hostesses these as well.
* 1 free item for hosting (with $500 + plus tax in sales)
* 1 free item for each party booked (given when their party is held)
* 1-3 free items if you refer someone and they become a consultant. 1 for $599 kit, 2 for $799 and 3 for $999

* Hostess Program: When a hostess has several parties a year, she gets a little more from me than my one night partiers*

When you're accepted as a Zabba Designs party host, we'll bring a box full of hand-picked clothing and jewelry for you to display and sell at your party. We'll also send you catalogs featuring our full line so your guests can order exactly what they want. Collect payment yourself, place orders on your guests' behalf, and spread the word online with your unique order code. You earn commission on all sales, online and in person.

When you're done, we will calculate what you sell minus your commission.

In addition to your commission, we'll also tell you how much impact you created in Liberia. Sound like the perfect party? Apply below! Please apply at least a month before your requested party date. Next, someone from our team will be in touch to talk details.

Questions? Drop us a line at
Apply Now online form.
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Zabba Designs return poilcy
If you are not sure of your size go a size up from the size your normally go for.